July 16, 2018

Harvey 2


Our hearts are heavy as we have driven around our area and experienced first-hand the vast destruction many of your properties have faced. We all know that there is much work to be done before our lives return to normal, but we are committed to each of you until we reach that point.

From the moment the waters began to rise, we have been working diligently to get a system in place to expedite your claims as quickly as possible. We have set up a temporary worksite with internet and wanted to give you a few action steps to get the process started.

Due to the vast number of customers who are affected, I am asking that your mode of communication be email. Since I am not operating in our physical office currently, we do not have phone lines available. I am simply not able respond to every text that I receive on my personal cell, and I don’t want your claim to be delayed because I missed your text.

If you know how to contact the insurance provider for your policy directly, the fastest way to begin the claims process will be for you to give them a call as soon as you can. If you do not know this information, our team is ready to assist you in this process.

PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY WITH A CONCISE STATEMENT OF THE DAMAGES YOU HAVE INCURRED and we will begin to process it as quickly as we possibly can.


We have been serving the Southeast Texas are for 44 years. We have raised our families here alongside yours. Our team cares about your family and we will be here to assist you as you rebuild your life.


Help After Harvey

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